Research is at the heart of the CTFB's aims and activities. CTFB actively undertakes research to better understand the ways that children’s participation in media can be instrumental to enhancing development outcomes. CTFB’s approach to research places particular emphasis on the participation rights of children and young in the research process and requires that children are assisted in both forming and expressing their views on all matters affecting them.

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Since its inception, advocacy takes place as an integral part of CTFB. While implementing different projects, CTFB closely worked with relevant GO departments, development partners and media as well. CTFB always try to engage relevant personnel in its activities through an extensive advocacy effort. As a result of this, a good relationship and rapport has been built, which led to smooth facilitation of the project activities.

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Training is the core program component of CTFB. CTFB thinks, as part of their learning, children need to be educated to be knowledgeable about how the media work. In this context, this program stands on skill based education processes through a participatory approach. A total of 520 children and adolescents have already received training so far since 2005. Following is a list of topics that CTFB organizes capacity building training for children.

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Theoneminutesjr. Workshop

During the course of time, CTFB has been able to establish itself as the leader in the promotion of children’s participation in media in Bangladesh through promoting theoneminutesJr. programs since 2009. A total of 240 children have actively participated in theoneminutesJr. program since 2009.

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Film Festival

Over the years of experiences of working on theoneminutesJr. programs, CTFB successfully organized theoneminutesJr. film festival in different period since 2009. Throughout the years, a total of 240 children have actively participated in 12 workshops and produced 240 one minute videos, which were needed to be exposed to the wider audiences. So, the film festival is a get together function between the children.

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